ART DISCOVERIES GROUP was established in New York in 1996.

ART DISCOVERIES GROUP (ADG) is the global brand in the art of design and architecture. It is the proxy of exceptional creative solutions and impeccable taste. The company's art works are preserved in private collections of connoisseurs of the art of France, England, the USA, Japan, the UAE, and Russia. The bold artist ideas brighten public buildings, houses, country seats and palaces around the globe. ADG's projects are always creative and tailored to the cultural needs of customers.

  • Paintings and sculpture, interior and exterior designs, architecture of gardens and parks, decorative and applied arts and art casting (pillars, capitals, pavilions).
  • Wall painting (Florentine mosaic, bas relief, panels) (ceramics, carpets, tapestries, wood carving) .

The company comprises Art Discoveries Gallery (Canada), Art Style Gallery (Uzbekistan, Tashkent), Art Discoveries Group creative boutique (Russia, Moscow), and Art Discoveries Arts & Artwork company (the UAE, Dubai). Art Discoveries Group's key partners are Khamar Gallery (Uzbekistan, Tashkent), Lit Art sculpture manufacturing enterprise (Russia, Moscow), WWTS (Italy), which consists of more than 80 Italian furniture factories, Codest construction company (Italy), ITD architectural firm (the UAE, Dubai), Stoune Craft (Russia, Moscow), Perl Stoune (the UAE, Dubai), WWTS Project design group (Italy) and Alex Turco (Art Designers Italy).

Art Discoveries Group&primes completed projects are listed below:

The main partners of ART DISCOVERIES GROUP is:

  • "Stone Wealth Management" (Russia, Moscow)
  • "Lit Art" (Russia, Moscow)
  • "WWTS" (Italy)
  • "Codest" (Italy)
  • "ITD" (UAE, Dubai)
  • "Perl Stoune" (UAE, Dubai)
  • "DISIGN49"| (UAE, Dubai, Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
  • "LA PROJECT" (Italy)
  • Alex Turco (Art Designers Italy)
  • "Artparket" (Russia, Moscow)

ART DISCOVERIES GROUP - Closely cooperates and takes part in joint projects with the world's architectural and design companies - such as:

  • Architectural Company MASIMO IOSAGHINI
  • Design company PININFARINA .
  • All projects related to landscape and landscape works of the ART DISCOVERIES GROUP performs with landscape architects of World-wide significance.

ART DISCOVERIES GROUP beautifies life!