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ART DISCOVERIES GROUP (ADG) is the global brand in the art of design and architecture. It is the proxy of exceptional creative solutions and impeccable taste. The company’s art works are preserved in private collections of connoisseurs of the art of France, England, the USA, Japan, the UAE, and Russia. The bold artist ideas brighten public buildings, houses, country seats and palaces around the globe. ADG’s projects are always creative and tailored to the cultural needs of customers.

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The art is a symbol of taste and respectability, it reflects the desire for perfection. We create for you the means to fight the time, something to convey your self-respect and high status.

Akhmet Kosimov
Akhmet Kosimov- Creative Director And Managing Partner Art Discoveries Group.



In this ever-changing environment few precious things keep us sane - the respect we owe to our ancestors, the belief we share in children and those who will follow in their footsteps and the credence we attach to ourselves. Time and tide witness the flow of generations a changing. There are criteria however that keep our virtue and dignity constant values at all times. Sense of taste, sense of quality… What else to remind us of who we are and where do we come from? What else but the rare often unique embodiments of the most indescribable and at the same time impossible to mistake concept of taste. They are invincible to harsh hands of time instead gaining value, boldly diminishing the sheer come-and-go logic of life.



Precious pieces of fine art, paintings, sculptures, jewelry - exclusive in their quality, always genuinely thought-provoking, created with a sole purpose of causing admiration and awe for ever and a day - it’s such things that we come to make your very own possessions. You deserve to be the owner of something that symbolises your virtue and dignity, something reflecting your aspiration for excellence. We give you priceless visual synonyms to your self-respect and invaluable justification of your high status. We give you something that denies vanity and futility of time.

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Time and events interweave as the lines of the drawing on the paper, Come on top of each other, become one. This sort of events prove that the time is going. And the time is created by events.